About Income Generation

Our programme emerged in response to the need for unemployed, HIV positive men and women to generate an income. The craft project has been in operation for more than 20 years and has more than 15 crafters who earn a sustainable weekly income. Income earned by our crafters allow them to provide shelter, food, clothing and education for their children. 

Our crafters are from unemployed families affected by and/or living with HIV and AIDS. We also recruit crafters in our support group, run at our satellite offices in the townships or from the clinics we are based at. The criteria we use for selection is regular attendance of the support group, none or very little financial income in the family, a desire to produce craft and an ability to produce craft up to the required standard after undergoing training.

Through their employment with Wola Nani Income Generation Unit, the project’s main members have been empowered to take greater control of their own lives. 

Wola Nani provides crafters not only the opportunity to earn an income, but also vital technical expertise that facilitates the export of creative products made by our crafters. 

Wola Nani’s role is to establish all the business infrastructure and systems that will allow us to access orders from businesses all over the world. We are responsible for the business plan, marketing, product development, production, quality control, crafter payments, customer orders, customer relations, invoicing statements etc. 

Our main goal is to secure sufficient orders to supply the crafters with a sustainable income while also remaining a financially sustainable project.

Wola Nani’s crafters produce recycled papier mache bowls, recycled magazine mirrors, designer lightbulbs, beadwork, paper lampshades, tealight holders and we renew office/ home furniture. Crafters work from their homes in townships and bring their stock to our offices once a week. They hold a support group at our office while we quality control their stock. Stock is then packed and shipped to our customers.

Our products are sold both locally and internationally, and we are proud of our contribution to foreign capital this bring into the South African economy. 70% of the selling price of the product goes directly to the crafters and this therefore provides them economic empowerment and reinstalls a sense of worth and hope.

We have a large selection of products and have therefore subdivided the products into ranges.

The catalogue title will provide a description of the product type and range, we hope this will assist you to efficiently locate the products you are interested in purchasing. Clink the link below to download the various catalogues.